Bridging Language and Content: Making Interdisciplinary Connections in Higher Education - Focus on Advanced Korean Curriculum Development

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Saturday, October 24, 2020 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
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Korean language programs in higher education within the US are experiencing noticeable and continuous growth. While students’ interest in Korea may initially be driven by Korean popular culture, Korean language educators need to expose these students to advanced language study and content involved in Korean studies, such as history, literature, religion, film, sociology, politics or economics. In the context of this phenomenon, building a diverse and integrated advanced language curriculum is one of the essential gateways to lay a foundation for the area studies. In this regard, this timely conference will address curriculum designs that enable language learners to connect with other disciplines and acquire information and diverse perspectives in order to use the language to function in academic and career-related contexts.
Mijeong Kim (Washington University in St. Louis)
Sun Hee Lee (Wellesley College)
Hi-Sun Kim (Harvard University)
Joowon Suh (Columbia University)
Young-mee Yu Cho (Rutgers University)
Ho Jung Choi (Princeton University)
Hae Young Kim (Duke University)
Haewon Cho (University of Pennsylvania)
Angela Lee-Smith (Yale University)