Madhurima Shukla

Graduate School Student

Madhurima Shukla is a doctoral student in the Centre of Social Medicine & Community health at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her research interest is broadly in areas of public health and sociology and her research works focuses on inter-disciplinary studies of social, economic and health inequalities, social determinants of health, social dimensions of infectious diseases, health programs & health policy analysis.
Her doctoral research work focuses on to reconstruct the history of global polio eradication initiative and its experiences in India. Specifically the research focuses on the manner in which the polio eradication program unfolded in the country, its policy related processes and implementation of the program.
At Yale Madhurima plans to focus her research work on the global history of polio eradication initiative through researching on the history & experiences of polio disease and its eradication program in American society, its influence on global polio eradication initiative and experiences of its cross cultural adaptation in India.
She had also acquired field practice experiences on social and health issues as field intern and worked on several research projects as research intern concerning improving maternal health, improving livelihood, bonded labour rights, urban health voucher and epidemics in urban slums. She has presented her research work in international conferences on issues of access to abortion services to women in India and relevance of social determinants of tuberculosis in tuberculosis control program and published this work as chapter in a book.

Fox International Fellow
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