Zoé Grumberg

Graduate School Student

Zoé is a PhD candidate in contemporary history at Sciences Po Paris. She graduated from Sciences Po in 2014 and holds the Agrégation of History. Her dissertation examines the reconstruction of the Jewish-communist life in post-Holocaust Paris, through the study of a network of associations that were created by immigrant Jews from Eastern Europe. The aim of this research is to reach a better understanding of the aftermath of the Holocaust in France, to question the organic and ideological connections between Jewish-communists and the French Communist Party and to study the integration of immigrant Jews in France. At Sciences Po, Zoé is the teaching assistant of Vincent Duclert for his MA course on the global history of genocides. She also teaches the history of the political commitment in France in the twentieth century to BA students. Last year, Zoé was a member of the Commission on Teaching and Research in France in the field of Genocides and Mass Crimes, whose goal was to give advice to the Ministry of Education and Research in terms of school programs and research policies regarding genocides and mass crimes.

Fox International Fellow
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