WEBINAR: Targeting Covid-19 relief payments in Bangladesh

Event time: 
Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 9:30am to 11:00am
Online () See map
Event description: 

Coronavirus is creating new vulnerable groups who have experienced sudden loss of incomes. In response, the Government of Bangladesh has committed to supporting at least 4 million vulnerable families through immediate emergency cash transfers. But how should these payments be targeted to affected households?
This webinar will explore:
- How should the government navigate tensions between the speed of response, equity concerns, and the effectiveness of targeting?
- How might governments work with different partners (e.g. academics, civil society, telecom operators) to support more effective targeting?
- Given that Bangladesh has a relatively large gender gap in mobile phone ownership, what can the government do to avoid potential exclusion in targeting and access to cash transfers?
Anir Chowdhury, Policy Adviser, A2i
Mushfiq Mobarak, Professor of Economics, Yale University
Sabina Rashid, Dean and Professor, James P Grant School of Public Health
Asif Saleh, Executive Director, BRAC. Moderators
Maria May, Senior Programme Officer, Financial Services for the Poor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Mark Miller, Director of Development and Public Finance Programme, ODI
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