Manus McCaffery

Graduate School Student

Manus McCaffery graduated from Stanford with a focus on energy and environmental policy. Afterward, he moved to Mongolia to work with the Mongolian Deputy Foreign Minister. For three years, Manus worked on energy and environmental policies alongside numerous ministers, parliament members, and policy experts.  In this position, Manus was a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo’s Department of Nuclear Engineering and was in Japan when the Fukushima Daiichi disaster struck. He then became deeply involved in nuclear education as well as in multi-country policy talks. He then relocated to Ecuador and worked in environmental risk management for USAID. Manus often traveled to DR Congo, where he coordinated the risk management component of a Food for Peace project. Manus has also traveled to Honduras, Malawi, Haiti, El Salvador, and Paraguay to lead environmental compliance training and produce research. He then completed an MPP at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. At Yale, he interned in the Ukrainian Parliament to focus on energy policy reforms and partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society to research deforestation prevention. Most recently, he was a consultant for the World Bank on social protection measures for refugees in DR Congo.

Fox International Fellow
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