Journalism Award Winners

Winner: Qiyang Niu
Year: 2017
Title: “Can Russia Save Northeast China’s Economy
Winner: Nick Frisch
Year: 2016
Title: “How China lost Taiwan”
Winner: Anthony Kayruz
Year: 2015
Title: “A Slice of the Good Life:” The Dilley detention center promises
Central American asylum-seekers humanitarian housing but some may be
receiving more abuse

Winner: William Schreiber
Year: 2014
Winner: Gabriel Zucker
Year: 2011
Winner: Emma Sokoloff-Rubin
Year: 2009
Title: When Culture Trumps Law
Winner: Katharine Kendrick
Year: 2007
Title: Activism 2.0
Winner: Michael J. Kavanagh
Year: 2006
Winner: Zvika Krieger
Year: 2006
Winner: Sara Schlemm
Year: 2005
Winner: Haninah Levine
Year: 2004
Winner: Linda Shi
Year: 2003
Title: China’s Muslim Province: Conflict and Resentment in Xinjiang