Media Releases - 2007

November 29, 2007. Yale Conference to Examine Venezuela Under Hugo Chávez Tomorrow

October 31, 2007. Gustavo Gutiérrez, Founder of Liberation Theology, Visits Yale. Real Media video clip.

September 11, 2007. Maggi and Pogge Appointed to International, Interdisciplinary Professorships at The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale University

September 10, 2007. Yale University Announces New Program on Women, Religion, and Globalization

August 15, 2007. Yale University Preserves the History of the South Asian Colonial Independence Struggle

June 7, 2007. Yale Launches Web Site Dedicated to History of Slavery in Connecticut

May 16, 2007. Maurice Samuels Awarded Gaddis Smith International Book Prize by The MacMillan Center

May 4, 2007. The MacMillan Center Announces Four New Council Chairs

May 1, 2007. The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale Announces Director’s Award Recipients

April 26, 2007. Yale University Strengthens Contemporary Middle East Studies

April 13, 2007. Ambassador Ronen Sen Gives Keynotes Address at Yale Symposium on U.S.-Strategic Relations. Real Media video clip.

April 10, 2007. After Apartheid: The Second Decade in South Africa Conference at the MacMillan Center

March 29, 2007. Mahatma Gandhi’s Grandson To Give Gandhi Lecture at Yale

March 1, 2007. Senator from Argentina to Speak on Latin American Economy at the MacMillan Center

February 21, 2007. Lecture Series at the Gilder-Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition Focuses on British Abolition of Slavery

February 7, 2007. Kazakh Ambassador to Redress the Misinformations of Borat at Yale.

January 24, 2007. Strobe Talbott to Give George Herbert Walker, Jr. Lecture at The MacMillan Center.

January 17, 2007. Distinguished Yale Historian Wins Award for Scholarly Distinction