After Apartheid: The Second Decade in South Africa Conference at the MacMillan Center

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After Apartheid: The Second Decade in South Africa Conference at the MacMillan Center

April 10, 2007. New Haven, CT � On April 27-28, the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale will host Part II of “After Apartheid: The Second Decade.” While Part I, which took place in August 2006, looked at developments since 1994, Part II will look forward at the major challenges of the coming decade in a variety of areas: business, politics, health, redressing past injustices, and securing democracy and prosperity into the future.

Twenty-one of the world’s leading scholars on South Africa will gather at Yale University to take part in the MacMillan Center’s “After Apartheid” Conference organized by Professor Ian Shapiro, Henry R. Luce Director, The Macmillan Center, and Sterling Professor of Political Science, and Kahreen Tebeau, a Yale Political Science Ph.D. candidate and a 2006 Fox International Fellow to the University of Cape Town. Scholars will present papers in panels on goverance; economic players; legal order; public health; language, media, and literature; and justice. Participants include: Neville Alexander, Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa (PRAESA), University of Cape Town; Guy Berger, Rhodes University; Anthony Butler, University of Cape Town; Marianne Camerer, Stellenbosch University; Kamari Clarke, Yale University; Thad Dunning, Yale University; David Dyzenhaus, University of Toronto; Theuns Eloff, North-West University; Johan Geertsema, National University of Singapore; Susan Hyde, Yale University; Courtney Jung, New School; Barry Kistnasamy, University of Kwazulu-Natal; Bob Mattes, University of Cape Town; Nicoli Nattrass, University of Cape Town; Lungisile Ntsebeza, University of Cape Town; Lauren Paremoer, New School; Jennifer Ruger, Yale University; Jeremy Seekings, University of Cape Town; Ian Shapiro, Yale University; Kahreen Tebeau, Yale University; and Derek Yach, Director of Global Health Policy, PepsiCo. “The first part of ‘After Apartheid’ was a success because it generated insightful and critical feedback on the scholars’ papers from a variety of people with diverse scholarly backgrounds,” said Ian Shapiro.

“At the end of the second part of this conference, we hope to have original contributions on themes that have dominated both popular and scholarly interest, such as race relations, inequality, the status of women, crime and violence, and AIDS, in addition to less frequently examined features of South African life, like religion, theater, film, music, and the media. Our goal is to understand and illuminate change in South Africa through the myriad dimensions reflective of human experience and expression.”

The edited papers from the conference will be published as a book by a major university press

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