Course Travel Abroad

With support from the Joshua G. Dick and Kristin E. Krebs-Dick fund, as well as contributions from other donors, the MacMillan Center is pleased to support courses across the university that include a component of international travel. Students benefit immensely from short international trips where they are immersed in the topics that they are learning about, such as seeing the diverse architecture of the United Arab Emirates or visiting wildlife conservation areas and meeting with community members in Rwanda. This fund allows faculty to envision courses that include short international trips to deepen student engagement with both the content of the course and a sense of their place in the great global community.

The deadline for proposals is April 5, 2024, and we expect to update applicants on their application status by April 30, 2024. This funding may only be used for costs related to international travel. The maximum amount of funding is $20,000.


  • Yale faculty from all schools are welcome to submit a proposal for courses taking place during the 2024-2025 (AY25) academic year.
  • This opportunity is open to full-time multi-year faculty. 
  • To be considered, courses must be open to Yale College students and include an international travel component.
  • Administrative support for travel logistics must be provided by the school or department where the course is listed. Please indicate in the budget whether the school or department will charge separately for this.

Funding Guidelines

Funding may only be used to support the international travel component of the course.

Proposal Elements:

  • Narrative Proposal: A one-page proposal describing the course and the importance of an international travel component.  
  • Course Syllabus
  • Proposed Travel Budget


  • Faculty members will be asked to submit a brief report following the course-related travel. Ideally, this will include:
    • images of the sites visited and (with permission) student participants to be featured for outreach purposes
    • documentation of learning outcomes
  • Support from the MacMillan Center should be referenced if the students contribute to any publication or public representation related to the travel.

Please email questions to