Canada Votes 2021: Discussing the Canadian Federal Election

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Thursday, September 23, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Online () See map
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Next week voters across Canada will head to the polls to participate in the 44th Canadian Federal Election. From pandemic mitigation strategies and climate change policies to the rights of marginalized Canadians and the structure of Canadian federalism, the topics of debate have grown numerous. The dimensions of electoral competition have similarly proliferated. Six political parties (none of which are currently polling above one-third of overall electorate) now fiercely compete to elect MPs. A minority Parliament – in which the left-wing NDP and/or the nationalist Bloc Québécois will hold the balance of power between the Liberals and Conservatives – remains the most likely (though far from certain) outcome.
The Yale Committee on Canadian Studies invites you to (virtually) attend our expert panel discussion about the election on Thursday, September 23 at [TIME]. The panel will unpack the election results, contextualize their place in Canadian political history, analyze key issues arising during the election, and discuss the possible ramifications of the election in Canada and beyond its borders. We hope you will join us, ask questions, and discuss this fascinating and fast-moving election!
Professor David R. Cameron (Yale – Political Science). Professor Cameron teaches and researches a wide array of subjects at Yale. He has published extensively on European politics, the European Union, international trade and governance, and Canadian constitutionalism. He recently co-edited, with Richard Albert, Canada in the World: Comparative Perspectives on the Canadian Constitution (Cambridge University Press, 2018).
Professor W. Andy Knight (University of Alberta – Political Science; Yale University – International & Area Studies). Professor Knight is one of Canada’s foremost international relations scholars. He has taught many courses, published widely about, and intervened directly in fields ranging from global security, international development, and diplomacy and foreign relations. He currently serves as 2021-22 Fulbright Distinguished Chair in International and Area Studies here at Yale.
Dr. Shannon Sampert (Media Diva Consulting; PhD Political Science – University of Alberta). Dr. Sampert is a communications expert, political analyst, journalist, and former professor at the University of Winnipeg. A scholar of gender in Canadian politics and communications (among other subjects), Dr. Sampert also previously served as the op-ed editor of the Winnipeg Free Press. She currently runs Media Diva Consulting and remains an active commentator on Canadian politics in newspapers and public affairs publications.
Dr. Brendan Shanahan (Postdoctoral Associate – Yale University Center for the Study of Representative Institutions). Dr. Shanahan received his PhD in History from UC Berkeley in 2018 where he was an active member in Cal’s Canadian Studies Program. At Yale he researches and teaches courses on (North) American immigration and citizenship history and U.S.-Canadian comparative political development. He recently published a case-study article emanating from his book manuscript which merges both topics in Law and History Review.