Good Society Forum: COVID-19, Climate Change and Conflict Resolution

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Sunday, May 24, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Online () See map
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Climate change affects everyone – and is a threat multiplier. During the pandemic, our air has become less polluted due to the dramatic drop in carbon emissions from halted industrial output and declining energy demands. The sweeping policy responses to COVID-19 have revealed that governments could tackle climate change if they could muster the same focus and zeal they brought to bear on the coronavirus crisis. How do we get politicians to treat climate change with the same sense of urgency and intensity as COVID-19? What is being done to prepare our countries for the effects of climate change? What more needs to be done to build up resilience?
On 24 May, we will hear from environmentalists from China, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe, of the opportunities to create solidarity and mobilize constituencies in the face of climate change. Please register via Zoom at:
Our panelists are:
Gidon Bromberg, Israeli co-founder of Ecopeace, a regional organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists to promote sustainable development and advance peace efforts in the Middle East (2007 Yale World Fellow)
Shuang Liu, Senior Associate, World Resources Institute
Rafay Alam, Pakistani environment lawyer and activist (2014 Yale World Fellow)
Janet Dalziell, recently of Greenpeace, now advising organisations working for environmental and social justice solutions (2013 Yale World Fellow).
The Good Society Forum is a community of change-makers around the world with a common quest to build the good society. Launched in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Good Society Forum Webinars digitally connect change makers around the world, engage them on ideas, and inspire action to build the good society.