Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept late applications?

2. May I apply for more than one MacMillan Center fellowship?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of fellowships for which you may apply.

3. A Professor who is writing my letter of recommendation is out of town. May his/her letter of recommendation arrive after the deadline? 
Please check with the Council/Program administering the grant/s you are applying for.

4. I am currently studying abroad. May I apply for a MacMillan Center fellowship ? 
Yes. All of our applications are submitted online through the Student Grants and Fellowships Database. You should submit your application online through the database as well.

5. Do I have to submit an official transcript? 
If you are a current Yale student you do not need to submit an official transcript. A transcript downloaded from the Student Information Systems website is sufficient. See You can find instructions on how to create a PDF of your unofficial transcript here.

6. I am applying for multiple MacMillan Center fellowships.  How much funding should I request from each fellowship? Should I always request the full amount or only a partial amount? 
If your total project budget exceeds the maximum amount of the award it is recommended that you apply for the full amount from each fellowship. All MacMillan Center fellowship awards are reviewed before final decisions are made, ensuring that you will not receive more funding than needed.

7. How do I demonstrate “attestation of language proficiency?”
If you are taking language courses at Yale you will need to request a language evaluation from your language instructor to complete the application. If you are not currently enrolled in any language classes, you have to provide a brief description of your language training or exposure. 

8. I am applying for a summer FLAS. Where can I find a list of approved language programs ? 
No such list is available. All language programs must be reviewed and approved by the US Department of Education separately each year. The Council Administrator may be able to provide you with a list of programs that have been approved in the past, however that is no guarantee that they will be approved again in the future.

9. How competitive is the MacMillan Center fellowship I am applying for? 
All MacMillan Center fellowships are competitive. The level of competitiveness varies from year to year based on the number of fellowship applications received.  

10. When will I be notified of the funding decision? 
Generally most applicants are notified of the funding decision by late April. Check the fellowship application for specific information.