Publication of the inaugural European Graduate Fellows Conference Journal

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The European Studies Council at the MacMillan Center is pleased to announce the publication of the journal of conference proceedings from its inaugural European Studies Graduate Fellows Conference, “Europe In Flux.” The conference brought together young scholars from across the globe to discuss some of the most pressing social, political, and cultural issues facing Europe today. Organized by a graduate student planning committee, the conference was hosted by the European Studies Council at Yale University. The journal features seven full papers and 10 abstracts. The journal is available  here.

Showcasing varied methodologies from economics, political science, environmental anthropology, cultural studies, and more, the panelists engaged in wide-ranging topics that spanned the European Union and neighboring Russia, as well as their relationships with strategic partners throughout the world.

“This fascinating conference took an expansive view of the concept of ‘Europe’ and what it means to study it. It was exhilarating to watch young scholars from a wide variety of disciplines and institutional settings interact with one another’s work with so much excitement and intellectual generosity,” noted Edyta Bojanowska, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, and Chair of the European Studies Council.

This year marked the first anniversary since the launch of the European Studies Fellows network at Yale—an initiative that has supported a growing community of junior scholars throughout the university and is now comprised of more than 70 students. While recent global events have undoubtedly disrupted the world as we know it, it is the Council’s hope that this recent conference will foster future interdisciplinary collaborations and joint research initiatives on contemporary Europe.