Prospective Students

Undergraduate Majors:

The MacMillan Center manages six undergraduate majors: African Studies, East Asian Studies, Modern Middle East Studies, Latin American Studies, Russian and East European Studies, and South Asian Studies.

BA in African Studies

BA in East Asian Studies

BA in Latin American Studies

BA in Modern Middle East Studies

BA in Russian and East European Studies

BA in South Asian Studies


Master’s Programs:

The MacMillan Center administers three Master’s Degree Programs: MA in African Studies, MA in European and Russian Studies, and MA in East Asian Studies. Application to MacMillan Center Master’s programs is made through the Admissions Office of the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. For application materials and information about the degree programs, applicants should refer to the Council websites below.

MA in African Studies
Council on African Studies

MA in East Asian Studies
Council on East Asian Studies

MA in European and Russian Studies
Council on European and Russian Studies