Program on Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Humanitarian Responses Faculty Grant

The Program on Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Humanitarian Responses is pleased to announce research grants available to full-time multi-year faculty in any department or school at Yale University. Grants are not available to visitors. Research grants are awarded for studies that will expand and develop understanding of issues related to the global refugee crisis, such as challenges of integration and displacement, transit experiences of refugees inside and outside of camps, and refugee health.

Projects in any discipline will be considered. Deadline to apply is Monday May 1st, 2023 (COP). Applicants will be notified of final selections via email by early June 2023.

General Principles Governing Awards

Typically, awards can be up to $18,000 per project and funds are expected to be used within the academic year starting in July after receiving the award. Faculty members may submit applications both for individual and collaborative projects and research programs. The Program on Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Humanitarian Responses faculty research grant can be used to supplement funding from external sources. A detailed total budget must be shown.

No awards will be made for equipment purchases, subsidizing publications, or covering travel and expenses for attendance and participation at professional meetings, or for purposes of general study or course development. Funds cannot be used to support faculty’s academic year salaries, summer salaries or stipends, or for leave of absence without pay.

A complete application should include:

  • cover letter
  • project description, including study title, of no more than 2 pages
  • timeline with research milestones
  • detailed total budget including all other sources of funding, including Yale, and expected amount and date of decision
  • acknowledgement and listing of previous support from either the MacMillan Center Faculty Research Grants (FRG) or the Refugee Program Faculty Research Grants (RPFRG)
  • curriculum vitae: include ONLY those items relevant to the proposed project
  • IRB approval or exemption for the research project (at time of granting)

It is strongly advised that IRB review is carried out as early as possible to avoid disbursement delays, see more information here (CAS ID login required).

Faculty and students must follow health guidelines and current rules for university-sponsored travel, if applicable for the project, including the travel self-assessment if traveling internationally. Undergraduate students participating in university-sponsored international travel must comply with the Travel Policy for Yale College students.

Please note that you do not have to submit any letters of recommendation.

All questions regarding the award should be submitted to