PRFDHR Colloquium: Misconceptions about Migrant Smuggling, Dr. Gabriella E. Sánchez

Event time: 
Thursday, October 26, 2023 - 9:30am to 11:10am
William L. Harkness Hall (WLH) See map
100 Wall Street
New Haven, CT 06511
W. L. Harkness Hall, 209 ,100 Wall Street New Haven, CT 06511
Event description: 

Dr. Sánchez will give a presentation followed by a Q&A on the topic of “Misconceptions about Migrant Smuggling” to the ‘Introduction to Critical Border Studies’ course taught by Dr. Leslie Gross-Wyrtzen.

A socio-cultural anthropologist with a background in law enforcement, Dr. Gabriella Sánchez’s research examines comparative border security and immigration enforcement. She has conducted direct work on the facilitation of irregular migration and organized, migration-related crime (migrant smuggling, human trafficking, torture, kidnapping, extortion, scams, forgery, fraud, corruption, enforced disappearances). She has a special interest in the recruitment and involvement of men, women and children as facilitators of smuggling and trafficking activities. Her work (carried out on the US-Mexico border, the Americas, North Africa, the Middle East and Europe) relies on a community-centered, participatory, human rights approach for the study of mobility. Its goal is to reduce gaps between the experiences of people on the migration pathway and policy responses that target them.

Currently, Dr. Sánchez is research fellow on migration at Georgetown University’s Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues, examining issues impacting children on the migration pathway, the use of technology by migrants, and ethical dimensions pertaining to migration research methodologies.

Guests are kindly asked to inquire with Dr. Leslie Gross-Wyrtzen for permission to visit the presentation.

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Gabriella E. Sánchez, Georgetown University - Research Fellow, Collaborative on Global Children's Issues