Charlotte Omane Kwakye-Nuako

Graduate School Student

Charlotte is a clinical psychologist and a lawyer. She has bachelor degrees in both law and psychology from the University of Ghana and an MPhil in Psychology from the same University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology where her work focuses on the lived experiences of children who have been sexually abused and how their experiences with the formal or non-formal legal processes help them to deal with the negative psychological factors occasioned by the abuse. A former ISEP scholar, she has worked as a lecturer in psychology and also as a practicing lawyer. She has also been involved in causes that seek to promote the welfare of others. She is the focal person of the West Africa Drug Policy Network Ghana, which is engaging with the government to introduce a public health perspective into the new law on drug enforcement in Ghana. As part of this engagement she was part of the government team at the 2016 UN Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS). As a member of the Mental Health Advocacy Ghana she coordinated a mental health training for all judges in Ghana. Her career focus is to make Psychology relevant to the legal system.

Fox International Fellow
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