MacMillan Center Faculty


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Joel Baden's picture Joel Baden
Professor of Divinity and of Religious Studies
+1 (203) 432-5338
Joel Baden Website
Charles Bailyn's picture Charles Bailyn
A. Bartlett Giamatti Professor of Astronomy and Professor of Astrophysics and of Physics
+1 (203) 432-3022
Charles Bailyn Website
Emily Bakemeier's picture Emily Bakemeier
Deputy Provost
+1 (203) 432-9492
Emily Bakemeier Website
Katharine Baldwin's picture Katharine Baldwin
Peter Strauss Family Assistant Professor of Political Science
115 Prospect St, New Haven, CT 06511
Katharine Baldwin Website
Ruth Barnes's picture Ruth Barnes
Thomas Jaffe Curator of Indo-Pacific Art
+1 (203) 432-3267
Ruth Barnes Website
Timothy Barringer's picture Timothy Barringer
Paul Mellon Professor in the History of Art
+1 (203) 432-8162
Timothy Barringer Website
Beatrice Bartlett's picture Beatrice Bartlett
Professor Emeritus of History
+1 (203) 432-0230
Beatrice Bartlett Website
George Bealer's picture George Bealer
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
+1 (303) 819-5432
George Bealer Website
Lucas Bender's picture Lucas Bender
Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures and of Humanities
+1 203-432-5823
Lucas Bender Website
Seyla Benhabib's picture Seyla Benhabib
Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Professor of Philosophy
+1 (203) 432-5246
Seyla Benhabib Website
Lauren Benton's picture Lauren Benton
Barton M. Biggs Professor of History
Dirk Bergemann's picture Dirk Bergemann
Douglass and Marion Campbell Professor of Economics and Professor of Computer Science
+1 (203) 432-3592
Dirk Bergemann Website
Gretchen Berland's picture Gretchen Berland
Associate Professor of Medicine
15 York St, New Haven, CT 06510-3221
Gretchen Berland Website
Paola Bertucci's picture Paola Bertucci
Associate Professor of History and History of Medicine
320 York St, New Haven, CT 06511-3627
Paola Bertucci Website
Ned Blackhawk's picture Ned Blackhawk
Professor of History and of American Studies
+1 (203) 432-8530
Ned Blackhawk Website
David Blight's picture David Blight
Class of 1954 Professor of History; Professor of African American Studies and of American Studies; Director, Gilder Lehrman Center
320 York St, New Haven, CT 06511-3627
432-8521, 432-3339
David Blight Website
R Howard Bloch's picture R Howard Bloch
Sterling Professor of French
+1 (203) 432-4912
R Howard Bloch Website
Kent Bloomer's picture Kent Bloomer
Professor (Adjunct) of Architecture
+1 (203) 432-7039
Kent Bloomer Website
Edyta Bojanowska's picture Edyta Bojanowska
Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures; Chair Department of History (affiliated faculty)
320 York Street New Haven, CT 06511
+1 (203) 432-1301
Edyta Bojanowska Website
Scott Boorman's picture Scott Boorman
Professor of Sociology
+1 (203) 432-3319
Scott Boorman Website
Michael Boozer's picture Michael Boozer
Senior Lecturer in Economics
+1 (203) 432-3623
Michael Boozer Website
Daniel Botsman's picture Daniel Botsman
Professor of History
115 Prospect Street
Daniel Botsman Website
Gerhard Böwering's picture Gerhard Böwering
Professor of Religious Studies
451 College St, New Haven, CT 06511-8906
Gerhard Böwering Website
Marijeta Bozovic's picture Marijeta Bozovic
Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures
+1 (203) 432-3904
Marijeta Bozovic Website
Paul Bracken's picture Paul Bracken
Professor of Management and of Political Science
+1 (203) 432-5962
Paul Bracken Website
Jessica Brantley's picture Jessica Brantley
Professor of English
63 High St, New Haven, CT 06511-6642
Jessica Brantley Website
Garry Brewer's picture Garry Brewer
Professor Emeritus of Management and of Forestry and Environmental Studies
+1 (203) 436-5921
Garry Brewer Website
Richard Bribiescas's picture Richard Bribiescas
Professor of Anthropology; Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
1 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT 06511
Richard Bribiescas Website
Lea Brilmayer's picture Lea Brilmayer
Howard M. Holtzmann Professor of Law
+1 (203) 432-0194
Lea Brilmayer Website
Leslie Brisman's picture Leslie Brisman
Karl Young Professor of English
63 High St, New Haven, CT 06511-6642
Leslie Brisman Website
Karla Britton's picture Karla Britton
Lecturer in Architecture
+1 (203) 436-4619
Karla Britton Website
David Bromwich's picture David Bromwich
Sterling Professor of English
+1 (203) 432-0855
David Bromwich Website
Marguerite Brooks's picture Marguerite Brooks
Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Sacred Music and of Music
+1 (203) 432-5180
Marguerite Brooks Website
Donald Brown's picture Donald Brown
Philip R Allen Professor Emeritus of Economics
+1 (203) 432-6934
Donald Brown Website
Molly Brunson's picture Molly Brunson
Associate Professor, Slavic Languages and Literarures
320 York St, New Haven, CT 06511-3627
Molly Brunson Website
Richard Burger's picture Richard Burger
Charles J. MacCurdy Professor of Anthropology
+1 (203) 432-6517
Richard Burger Website
Kathleen Burton's picture Kathleen Burton
Senior Lector I in French
+1 (203) 432-4917
Kathleen Burton Website
Paul Bushkovitch's picture Paul Bushkovitch
Reuben Post Halleck Professor of History; Codirector, Russian Studies Project
320 York St, New Haven, CT 06511-3627
Paul Bushkovitch Website
Ardis Butterfield's picture Ardis Butterfield
Marie Borroff Professor of English, and (by courtesy) Professor of French and Music
63 High St, New Haven, CT 06511-6642
Ardis Butterfield Website
Susan Byrne's picture Susan Byrne
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
+1 (203) 432-1162
Susan Byrne Website