Faculty Research Grants

MacMillan Center Faculty Research Grants (FRGs) are available to full-time multi-year faculty at Yale University in any department or school. FRGs are not available to visitors.

MacMillan Research Grants are awarded for innovative international projects that will increase understanding in any era of specific countries and societies; for problem-oriented and comparative studies within and between regions; and for studies in international relations and global affairs. Projects in the natural sciences, health fields, and environmental studies will normally be considered only if they focus substantially on some inter-disciplinary aspects of human and/or institutional behavior drawing on the humanities and social sciences. 

(For projects in the Humanities that are outside of MacMillan’s scope, please apply to the Griswold Fund Committee, Whitney Humanities Center.)

The main criterion is the excellence and likely research impact of the proposal. The Committee will judge proposals on the basis of quality and feasibility and on the likelihood that the completed project would enhance the teaching program of the department or program and advance the professional development of the candidate. All other things being equal, priority will be given to junior faculty for whom these awards could lead to larger projects and to those whose proposals seem especially timely and pressing.

Note: Please only apply if you are sure that you will execute your project in the next two (2) years. We hold the competition every year, so you can always apply next year.

Most applications we receive are excellent, but in recent years, the MacMillan Center has received many more requests for funding than the budget that we have available. This means that, unfortunately, we are unable to fund all the meritorious proposals we receive.

General Principles Governing Awards

Typically, awards can be up to $18,000 per project. Faculty who wish to collaborate on a larger project or research program are encouraged to apply together, although the total funding awarded to the project will not exceed $18,000.

All applicants are urged to also pursue external non-MacMillan and non-Yale funding. The MacMillan Center Faculty Research Grant applications/awards may be used to supplement such other grants, but when applying please share total budgets for the project. Applicants who are searching for additional funding are encouraged to indicate this in their proposal to allow someone from the MacMillan team to follow up with any ideas for additional opportunities.

No awards will be made for equipment purchases, to subsidize publications, or to cover travel and expenses for attendance and participation at professional meetings, or for purposes of general study or course preparation. These funds cannot be used for business class travel.

Funds cannot be used to pay academic year salaries, summer salaries or stipends, or for leaves of absence without pay.

Applications for the 2024-25 academic year are due by close of business on Friday, April 5, 2024. 

To apply, please submit:

• A project description (please share whatever you already have on the project – if writing something new, it should not exceed a 1-page summary)

• A total budget break-down and a timeline of activities

• Curricula vitae of those involved in the project

Note that you do not have to submit any letters of recommendation.